This campaign will be set in the Final Fantasy world of Ivalice. For those who aren’t familiar with the world, don’t worry, you have the option of creating a regular DND character. I’ll then find a way to “railroad” things a bit so that you end up in Ivalice. Yes, I railroad. So?

For the rules-loving people, relax, the world is only Ivalice in story and in appearance. Aesthetically it’s Ivalice, but functionaly it’s still DND 4e. That black-mage moogle walking infront of you while you shop around in Rabanastre you ask? It’s a halfling (or a gnome) sorcerer(or a wizard, or a warlock). If you want to start your character on Ivalice, I advise that you wait for me to get the racial equivalents/class equivalents entry up so you get a better idea of how things should translate. It’s nothing hard really, it’s mostly common sense.For those players who chose not to start in Ivalce, well your halfling “becomes” a moogle once the transition from regular DND plane to Ivalice is made.

A bit on background on the campaign for those who are familiar with Ivalice. This is basically an act of masturbation. A lot of folks have said that making all the instances of Ivalice from FF Tactics to FFXII connect and tie together is impossible, or contrived. I don’t care. I want to do it. Why? No particular reason. Fun… I guess.

Goal: to start at the second week of May. Number of players this noob GM can handle: 4-5 (he hopes). Intended play sched: 1 full day session, twice a month. Hey, we have other games, and work to deal with too!

All that said, let me roll up my sleeves and get cracking at planning this campaign out.

Player Resources so far:


Ivalice: Advent Ajora