How this works

Okay, things in this page are listed as such: Ivalice Race [functional DND4e equivalent]. When you actually play in the game, as far as racial features are concerned you will all use the listed rules for the functional DND 4e equivalents, but you will be a moogle or a seeq or a hume or whatever.

The Hume [Humans]

Is a description really needed?

The Bangaa [Dragonborn]

A reptilian race. Being a very socially and cognitively advanced race, they hate being called “lizards” as this is regarded as an offensive slur. Bangaa are often considered to be the most integrated of all races into Hume society, and are the race most friendly with the latter.

The Moogles [Halflings/Gnomes]

A resourceful race known to be skillful in mechanics and engineering; they were the pioneers of airship construction. They have longer, rabbit-like ears and tend to have more beige or gray fur.

A Nu Mou [Dwarves/Deva]

The Nu Mou are a dog-like race. They are short and hunched; half the size of an adult Hume, are adept in magic and can speak with monsters.

A Viera [Elves/Drow/Eladrin]

A rabbit-like race. They are divided into two subraces: The light-skinned Veena and dark-skinned Rava. The Viera have rabbit or deer-like features, most notably their long ears. Regarding the lack of males seen, it is found that males and females live separately, only meeting when there is a need for it.

The Rev [Shifter]

A minor, feline race. They are deeply cultured and a bit aristocratic, and act as advisors and representatives for Nobility.

The Seeq [Half-Orc, Bugbear, Goliath]

A powerful and agile porcine race. Though somewhat cowardly, they are often hired as mercenaries, guards, or hunters, with a significant amount going into thievery.

The Aegyl [Eladrin/Drow/Deva]

A winged, humanlike race. These wings count as both a blessing, and a curse, resulting in a short lifespan of 40 years.

The Gria [Tieflings]

The Gria are born with dragon-like wings and horns.

The Helgas [Tieflings, Deva, Eladrin]

A highly intelligent and primordial race. Helgas are white-haired, tall, thin, and have long limbs. Their demeanor and their bearing hint that they have recollections of things long forgotten.

The Garif [Dwarves, Goliath, Shifters]

They are large, thick-furred appreciators of nature and the arts of war, but disliking unnecessary violence. They grow antlers and wear masks.


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